Sensitivity To Food Isn’t Much Better

Now that I have discussed food intolerances and food allergies…I am going to talk about food sensitivity. You may not think that food sensitivity isn’t a big deal, but it can be.

The worse part is is that it can be more tricky than allergies or intolerances. I say this because, with sensitivity, it can affect you at anytime. The problem with sensitivities is that you can eat a banana (example) and feel great. But the next time you eat a banana, you bloat and get bad gas cramps.

Some people with food sensitivity may become self-conscious and will limit the social events or gatherings that they go too. Sensitivity reactions to foods can be a huge problem because you never know what’s going to affect you and what’s the reaction.

Lurking under the surface though, is a far worse problem than just a food sensitivity. What people don’t realize is how much a food sensitivity can affect you. Julie Peláez, co-founder of the 14-day cleanse “Conscious Cleanse,” yoga instructor and health coach, recently conducted a study to see what would happen after she cut certain foods out of her diet that she thought might be causing problems.

After 2 weeks of no dairy, gluten or soy, she said the results were astounding! She said all of the bad acne was gone, she didn’t have bad gas anymore and severe moods swings with bouts of crying were occurring. She had also lost 10 pounds and she wasn’t so puffy. She talks about the signs of when a food sensitivity might be sabotaging your life (I will summarize these steps below).

1. You can’t live without a certain food and/or drink. – This is a red flag for most people because feeling addicted to a food is just bad. Too much of a good thing can become bad and cause food insensitivity.

2. You’ve tried several diets, tried to exercise and increase your water intake, but you can’t lose weight. – No matter how hard you try to be healthy and shed those unwanted pounds, you can’t. Food insensitivity causes bloating and inflammation in the body. The inflammation in your body causes you to hold onto the weight, no matter what you do.

3. You feel puffy. – The face and fingers/toes are swollen, clothes just don’t fit right and you feel like a puffed up fish overnight. Allergens trigger certain reactions which cause you to retain water, thus making you feel like you’re puffy.

4. Health isn’t the way it should be. – Despite the ongoing efforts to be healthy, you still feel tired. You’re battling acne, bags under the eyes, migraines, anxiety and/or depression, low energy, constipation and even sometimes, infertility.

5. Seasonal hay fever seems to run on for forever. – Runny nose, watery eyes and congestion can be the signs of hay fever and seasonal allergies. However, if these symptoms seem to occur for the majority part of the year, then a hidden sensitivity might be the culprit.

To view the full article and learn more about good dieting from Julie, visit her site here.


3 thoughts on “Sensitivity To Food Isn’t Much Better

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  2. Of course! I am kind of running my own experiment right now. I am finding out that after I eat a large amount of almonds, that I become bloated and get gas cramps. It’s crazy to figure these things out but that might explain why I am not shedding any weight despite my crazy, restrictive diet.

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